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Beyond Grain Free Tuna and Egg Recipe Dog Food

  • A grain-free, protein-rich dog food

  • Back to basics, protein-rich approach to support your dog's health.
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    It’s about knowing exactly what your pet is eating – real, recognizable ingredients you know and trust, plus vitamins and minerals. We thoughtfully select natural ingredients that work together to deliver optimal nutrition to help your dog live a long healthy life.


    Tuna, pea starch, chicken meal (natural source of glucosamine), cassava root flour, canola meal, beef fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols, dried egg product, dried beet pulp, dried yeast, pea protein, natural liver flavor

    Essential Nutrients Added for a Complete and Balanced Meal
    calcium carbonate, mono and dicalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, salt, choline chloride, zinc sulfate, Vitamin E supplement, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, niacin, Vitamin A supplement, copper sulfate, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, Vitamin B-12 supplement, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin supplement, calcium iodate, Vitamin D-3 supplement, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of Vitamin K activity), folic acid, biotin, sodium selenite. A-4284

    Guaranteed Analysis

    27.0% Crude Protein (MIN)
    16.0% Crude Fat (MIN)
    5.0% Crude Fiber (MAX)
    12.0% Moisture (MAX)
    1.0% Linoleic Acid (MIN)
    1.0% Calcium (Ca) (MIN)
    0.8% Phosphorus (P) (MIN)
    150 ppm Zinc (Zn) (MIN)
    0.35 ppm Selenium (Se) (MIN)
    14,000 IU/kg Vitamin A (MIN)
    150 IU/kg Vitamin E (MIN)
    400 ppm Glucosamine* (MIN)
    1.30% Omega-6 Fatty Acids* (MIN)

    Feeding Instructions

    Adult Dog Feeding Instructions
    The recommended feeding amounts indicated are based upon the average nutritional needs of an adult dog with a normal activity level (using a standard 8 oz/250 ml measuring cup, which contains approximately 117 g of Purina Beyond).

    Research shows that keeping your dog in ideal body condition, which includes a healthy weight, is very important in helping him live a long, healthy life. Our feeding guidelines are based on an average, normally active, adult dog. Ideal body condition may vary based on your dog's metabolism, breed size, activity level or whether your dog is spayed or neutered.

    Start with our recommended amount and monitor your dog’s weight, adjusting the amount if your pet’s weight fluctuates. You should be able to easily feel your dog’s ribs and see an hourglass figure when viewed from above. Monitor your dog’s weight regularly to help impact his lifelong health.

    Making the Switch to Beyond
    Although you’ll be anxious to see the difference Purina Beyond can make in your dog, please allow 7 - 10 days to ease the transition from your dog's current food. This will help avoid dietary upsets. Each day, simply feed a little less of the previous food and a little more Purina Beyond until you’re feeding Purina Beyond exclusively.

    No Supplements Necessary
    Purina Beyond provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs. There is no need to add vitamins, minerals or other supplements, unless specifically directed by a veterinarian.

    Fresh Water, Proper Diet & Veterinary Care
    Be sure to provide fresh water in a clean container for your dog daily. Proper diet, exercise and veterinary care are the best ways to keep your dog healthy. If your dog hasn’t had a check-up in the past year, please make an appointment today.

    Calorie Content (fed) 3999 kcal/kg 468 kcal/cup

    Recommended Daily Feeding Amounts
    WeightAmount to Feed
    3 to 12 lbs.(1.4-5.4 kg) 1/3 to 1 cup(39-117 g)
    13 to 20 lbs.(5.9-9.1 kg) 1 to 1-1/3 cups(117-156 g)
    21 to 35 lbs.(9.5-15.9 kg) 1-1/3 to 2 cups(156-234 g)
    36 to 50 lbs.(16.3-22.7 kg) 2 to 2-1/2 cups(234-293 g)
    51 to 75 lbs.(23.1-34.0 kg) 2-1/2 to 3-1/4 cups(293-380 g)
    76 to 100 lbs.(34.5-45.5 kg) 3-1/4 to 4 cups(380-468 g)
    Over 100 lbs.(Over 45.5 kg) 3-1/4 to 4 cups plus 1/3 for each 10 lbs. of body weight over 100 lbs.(468 g plus 39 g for each 4.5 kg of body weight over 45.5 kg)

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