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Wholesome ingredients with real meat as the #1 ingredient.

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About Beneful

  • It's that simple: 100% complete and balanced.

    Real Beef, Chicken or Salmon is the number one ingredient in our dry recipes.

  • New Grain Free Recipe

    New Grain Free recipe to keep your dogs happy and healthy.

  • Beneful Dry Dog Food

    Beneful dog food has wholesome ingredients and a delightful combination of flavors and textures your best buddy will love.

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  • Beneful Wet Dog Food

    Give your little dog the big flavor he craves with Incredibites or keep your dog’s taste buds excited with Chopped Blends.

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  • Beneful Baked Delights Snackers

    Super-savory, super-snackable, these oven-baked dog treats with soft centers are sure to delight your best bud.

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