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Fresh Breath, Delivered

Every day, your dog’s into something. That’s why, every day, you need DentaLife ActivFresh chews. One chew a day fights bad breath and supports good oral health.


According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 80% of dogs show signs of oral health disease by age three, and small dogs are at greater risk, even earlier. DentaLife chews are designed to help maintain your dog’s oral health between regular visits to the vet.

When you subscribe, you won’t miss a day to fight bad breath at the source.


Dogs Gonna Dog.

For whatever your dog is into, do DentaLife daily.


Your Dog's Oral Health Care Routine, Delivered

Make sure your dog does DentaLife Daily.

Save 30% off your first order. Plus, get 5% off on all subsequent orders. And you always get free shipping when you’re subscribed.


What Do Dog Owners Think?

See what other dogs-gonna-dog owners have to say about the Dentalife Daily Difference.

Let’s brush our toofers!

“She really likes the flavor! When she sees me grab the bag, she gets really excited and starts running around crazy.”

- Rogue’s Mom


Let my dogs love these!

“My dogs enjoyed the DentLIife ActivFresh daily oral care dog chews… they were each able to hold it between their paws easily.”

- ttfn12


No more stinky breath.

“After purchasing I fed my 4-year-old puppy one treat for two days and noticed a distinct difference in her breath odor!”

- Mchelle


The DentaLife ActivFresh Difference

Scientifically Tested to Fight Bad Breath at the Source

Active Ingredient Blend of Honey & All-Natural Spirulina

Unique Design Gives Active Ingredients Time to Work

NO Artificial Flavors or Colors