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BREEZE® from Tidy Cats®

Tidy Cats BREEZE XL Litter System


Discover the ease of BREEZE with the Tidy Cats BREEZE XL All-in-One Litter System. This system comes in a larger size than our other litter systems, making it ideal for large cats, multiple cats or any cats who prefer a little extra room. The high sides help contain mess and litter pellets that minimize tracking. The cat pads lock away urine, so there are no more urine clumps to scoop, and solids stay on top for easy removal. The super-absorbent pads help keep the litter box dry while the powerful Ammonia Blocker controls ammonia odor for one week for one cat. Your purchase is backed by the Tidy Cats Satisfaction Guarantee – Love this system or get your money back. BREEZE Hooded litter System also available
*Offer cannot be combined with promotion codes or other offers. Offer applies to one system. One use per customer.

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  • Love this system or get your money back

  • Larger size designed to provide a better experience for your cat

  • High sides help prevent tracking and keep mess contained

  • Just like all BREEZE Litter systems, it's compatible with any BREEZE pads

  • XL BREEZE system only needs one cat pad

  • Urine is locked away, so there are no urine clumps to scoop

  • Kit includes one month of refills

  • Anti-tracking pellets minimize mess around the box

  • System includes a litter box with scoop, one pack of 4 cat pads and 2 bags of 3.5 lb. litter pellets

  • Solids stay on top for fast removal

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