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Yesterday's News®

Yesterday's News Unscented Soft Texture Cat Litter

Did you know Purina Yesterday's News cat litter is a top recommendation of U.S. veterinarians? Made with recycled paper, U.S. veterinarians rank it #1 among eco-friendly cat litters. Yesterday’s News is also their #1 recommended cat litter following surgery thanks to 99.7% dust-free, soft paper pellets that are extra-gentle on sensitive paws and 3x more absorbent than clay by volume. Healthy cat. Healthy home. Healthy world. Happy you. Purina Yesterday's News is U.S. veterinarian recommended. Healthy for your cat: Soft paper pellets are gentle on sensitive paws and 99.7% dust-free. Healthy for your home: 3X more absorbent than clay by volume with low tracking and effective odor control. Healthy for our world: Made with recycled paper. All of which makes for a happy you.


- U.S. veterinarian recommended
- Made with recycled paper
- 3X more absorbent than clay by volume with effective odor control
- 99.7% dust-free
- Soft paper pellets that are extra gentle on sensitive paws


Made with recycled paper.

Feeding Instructions

Setup First, you will need Yesterday's News® brand litter, a scoop or strainer, and a shallow litter box. The box should be big enough for your cat to maneuver around inside. We recommend a full-size, easy-to-clean plastic box like the Tidy Cats® brand Litter Box. Usually, commercial boxes are 5" deep, which allows plenty of digging room for the recommended 2-3" of litter. Multiple cats need multiple litter boxes; preferably one box per cat plus one additional box. Covered boxes are popular because they help keep the litter in the box and hold in odors. Cats like their privacy as well. Put the litter box in a location that is away from the cat's eating and sleeping area and far from heavy household traffic. Select the spot carefully, as you'll want to move it as little as possible in the future. Check out our usage instructions for more details. Maintenance We recommend removing waste areas daily and replacing the litter weekly. Maintain cat box filler at a depth of 2-3" for pawing and covering. However, remember that Yesterday's News is different than clay litter and will absorb urine from the bottom. So, having the litter too deep will make it more difficult to find and remove the soiled litter. Clean the litter box with warm water and a mild detergent between litter changes. Once a month, disinfect the box with a mild bleach and water solution. (Ammonia-based disinfectants are not recommended because cat urine contains ammonia and your cat may think the box is dirty.) Air dry outdoors if possible. Do not flush. Even flushable litter can harm plumbing. Used litter is not recommended for garden use.

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